Shipping / Payment

Shipping / Prices

Prices are stated ex-work, excluding one-way packaging which shall be calculated separately and added at cost price. If free shipping is specified, then only within Germany without islands, if the following conditions are met:

!! Minimum order value net 500, - €

!! Pack size max .: 120 cm X 60 cm X 60 cm

!! Weight per package max. 31.5 kg.

If the dimensions or the volume weight were exceeded, the additional costs incurred will be passed on to you.

Prices do not include V.A.T. which will be shown separately on the invoice in the respective legally applicable amount.

If the relevant factors for price-setting (e.g. wages and/or costs of materials and/or supplies) change subsequent to the conclusion of this contract, then PEWOBAR shall be entitled to adapt its prices accordingly, provided that the changes were not caused by PEWOBAR. Upon request by Purchaser, PEWOBAR shall provide evidence for such changes.


Invoices, of the net value of goods, are payable within 14 days following the invoice date.Offsetting by the Purchaser shall be excluded, unless made with claims that are recognized by binding judgment or uncontested.

Purchaser shall only be entitled to withhold its performance to the extent his claim for performance is based on the same contract.

In the event that the Purchaser is in default with his payments, PEWOBAR shall be entitled to charge interest in the amount of 5% for non-commercial customers and 9% for commercial customers, above the basic interest rate. PEWOBAR reserves the right to claim additional damages.

In case of default PEWOBAR shall be entitled to call due any accounts not yet due in the current business relationship with Purchaser.

If it becomes evident subsequent to the conclusion of the contract that PEWOBAR’s payment claims are in jeopardy due to the Purchaser’s inability to pay, PEWOBAR shall be entitled, if PEWOBAR is obligated to make advance deliveries or payments, to withhold its performance and to set the Purchaser a reasonable time period until the expiry of which Purchaser shall either make contemporaneous payments against PEWOBAR’s delivery or furnish the respective collateral. If the term set expires unsuccessfully, PEWOBAR shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract and claim compensation of damages incurred.

PEWOBAR may also withdraw from the contract if the Purchaser or a third party files for insolvency over the assets of the Purchaser’s. The same shall apply in the event that insolvency proceedings are opened over Purchaser’s assets or such opening is denied due to lack of assets. In any case, any late payment, after a formal demand, will apply a penalty the amount of which shall be set by PEWOBAR. In the event of dispute, the appropriateness of the penalty shall be reviewed by the competent court.

Whatever the means of payment used, payment shall not be deemed to have been affected before PEWOBAR’s account has been fully and irrevocably credited.